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Custom Family Portrait Mug for the Mills Family

domi mills family portrait

Every custom family portrait that Little Love Press creates is a labor of love and this one was no exception. Gina and Jon Lugo and their daughter Domi Mills and her husband Matt, with their cutie pie daughter Sophia, are the most wonderful family that you’ll ever meet. They are so warm-hearted and loving that my heart beams very time I interact with them. In creating this custom portrait for this special family, I browsed their family photos on Domi’s facebook page and came across these two photos that I thought would translate beautifully into an illustration. I made some minor cosmetic tweaks by virtually combining all of the family members together and having the baseball cap off of Matt.

Here’s the family portrait that was created based on the photos above. A set of personalized mugs were made for the whole family!

custom portrait mug
custom family portrait

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