January 2023

Stationery Trends Winter 2023

Father's Day Cards

Our You Deserve to be Pampered Father's Day card was selected as the best of Father's Day cards roundup by Stationery Trends' Winter 2023 issue.
July 2022

The Paper Nerd

Big Love for Little Love Press

``If you walked *Noted this past April or spied the Fresh Picks frontispiece in the Spring 2022 Stationery Trends, it would have been flat-out impossible to miss Little Love Press. If you somehow managed, below you can actually see both — I snapped this shot of Stationery Trends on display in this maker’s expansive and most visually engaging booth in San Francisco...``
June 2022

Stationery Trends Summer 2022


Our It's Spooky Time Halloween Time was inspired by founder Chihiro Jameson meeting MC Hammer and chatting about practicing his dance moves.
April 2022

Stationery Trends Spring 2022

Nature v. Nurture

Stationery Trends presents its spring 2022 Fresh Picks
``We all want to bloom where we are planted, but methods for accomplishing this differ. Some find inner peace at the site where life may have begun — in a garden, the wonders of which are exquisitely expressed in the image above with finds from Little Love Press.`` - Sarah Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief of Stationery Trends